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Historically, the dove has symbolized peace, hope and remembrance. A dove release is a special way to express your final goodbyes and to pay tribute to a loved one.

Consider having a flock of doves followed by a single dove following a prayer, poem or other special moment of your choosing.

~We have done funeral releases for music stars such as famous R&B star Aaliyah's funeral in Manhattan New York. This event was aired on Entertainment Tonight and many broadcast television channels to honor her with 22 doves for her age. Pictures of Love Is In The Air Inc. releasing doves at Aaliyah's funeral can be viewed at http://aaliyahdiscography.musicfantalk.com/funeral.html or to view a single picture of the release in front of Aaliyah's church ceremony

Rap Star Aaliyah's Funeral

~We have also done a memorial release at Jones Beach Theater of forty doves for Pop Star and TV Series Star Michael Cuccione of the group 2Gether featured on MTV. Michael was a very special boy who suffered from Hodgkin's Disease and passed on to his journey into the heavens on January 13, 2001. He believed in faith and piece as he states in his book "There Are Survivors" by Jane MacSporran and Michael Cuccione. We celebrated his journey through the heavens at the Jones Beach Theater in front of thousands of his fans. Our doves seemed to bring piece and harmony in the air to the love ones and fans that day and we where glad to be part of this event. To view pictures of Michael in our Special Events Page Click Here

~We have also done many releases for 911 Memorials for victims and their family and friends. Some of these releases have been done at colleges such as St.John's and Fordham University's. Also grave site releases seem to leave the unsettled family and friends at a sense of relief as our doves fly to the sky and bring piece to their souls. We have done many 911 releases for Police Officers and Fire Fighters who lost their lives in their heroic measures in 2001. To view these newspaper clippings up close as well as Aaliyah's news clippings visit our Special Events Page or Click Here

~We also deal with many funeral homes and are well known in the memorial business as being a professional Dove Corporation that takes love, pride, and enjoyment into our work.



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